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Our Artists


Each Artist at Brass Talon has their own specific methods to book, work and create your next masterpiece.

Be sure to check out their Bios and Instagram or Website links to book directly.


He started his apprenticeship back in 2012 for a small tattoo studio, mainly being self taught, he was allowed to take on small project roles for walk in clients, practicing what ever came through the door. 

Moving on he has been fortunate to work alongside the talent of Pepa Heller at Bohemian tattooarts, Tauranga and Matt Jordan of Shipshape Tattoo Orewa, This helped him to learn further, to better his skills and focus in an area of the tattoo industry he specializes in "Black and Grey Realism".

Cal continues to strive and progress his style. "Im always looking to progress and push the boundaries of what I know. Be it working alongside other talented artists or attempting to push the design process to create something unique for the client.

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Jesse moved to Brass Talon to further his skills after tattooing up in Edmonton. Jesse specializes in custom black and gray work, utilizing realism & surrealism elements to create your one off designs. Exclusively working with black and gray as well as honing in the use of opaques to create your next masterpiece.

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Growing up in New Zealand, James Jang was always passionate about art.  Putting his creativity on hold, he started a career as a Mechanical Engineer but quickly found that his artistic passions pulled him in another direction.


In 2015, James’ tattoo career began in a little beach town in New Zealand called Mount Maunganui.  He was apprenticed and mentored by one of icons of industry – Pepa Heller, the Owner of Bohemian Tattoo Arts.


Working in a street shop, James was exposed to a wide range of different styles but was quickly drawn to the timelessness of black and grey realism. He has carried his work throughout Oceania, Asia and North America completing numerous guest spots and attending world class tattoo conventions, always striving to learn from the best in industry.

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