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Our Artists


Each Artist at Brass Talon has their own specific methods to book, work and create your next masterpiece.

Be sure to check out their Bios and Instagram or Website links to book directly.


He started his apprenticeship back in 2012 for a small tattoo studio, mainly being self taught, he was allowed to take on small project roles for walk in clients, practicing what ever came through the door. 

Moving on he has been fortunate to work alongside the talent of Pepa Heller at Bohemian tattooarts, Tauranga and Matt Jordan of Shipshape Tattoo Orewa, This helped him to learn further, to better his skills and focus in an area of the tattoo industry he specializes in "Black and Grey Realism".

Cal continues to strive and progress his style. "Im always looking to progress and push the boundaries of what I know. Be it working alongside other talented artists or attempting to push the design process to create something unique for the client.

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Jozee originally came from an artistic welding background, "I have always been drawn to art and the beauty of life. I always knew I wanted to get into tattooing from a young age, In 2021 I decided to take the leap and started learning and drawing more extensively with pencil and paper, and landed myself an apprenticeship. Starting off with American traditional and working on improving line-work with every tattoo, I find myself drawn to fineline delicate tattoos, anything floral, animal, metaphysical and still traditional. I love to take on black and grey and color. I’m always pushing myself to learn new techniques, always striving to give a positive experience with every tattoo I do. Joining  Brass Talon has let me progress and focus on finding my style and improving my skills." 

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Bohdan joined Brass Talon in April 2023 after recently moving over from Ukraine. He has a vast amount of experience, specializing in Black and grey realism and Black work - but has found his real talent with Japanese. His japanese work with a modern era twist stands out from the rest, applying vibrant colours that jump out at you. His healed work will withstand the test of time and is solid. His work has taken him around the world settling, for now in Calgary.

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Calgary based artist Derek DeBoer, originally specializing in metalworking and carpentry, wanted to expand his horizons into the tattoo industry starting in 2022. 


Graduating from AU Arts in 2016 (Formerly ACAD) with a Bachelor's Degree, Derek has always wanted to be as multifaceted as possible when it came to the arts and to constantly be learning and progressing in any way he can. 


Derek's Tattoo practice is primarily focusing on subjects that include pop culture, gaming, anime, and anything that goes bump in the night. With the use of bold black work mixed with bright color saturation, he hopes to create high contrast tattoos that will embolden your inner child but also withstand the test of time. 

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I started out in creative drawing classes in my early years and progressed to drawing tattoo inspired art as an adult. Eventually my interest led me to seek out and obtain an apprenticeship. Honing my skills in street shops for the past 3 years I came to join the Brass Talon crew in July 2023. Specializing in American traditional tattoos, I gravitate towards bold lines and punchy colours but love producing work in black and grey as well! I strive every day to improve my skill set and value my clients highly. From the initial consultation through the application of the tattoo, my goal is to create a unique experience that exceeds expectations every time.”

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